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“I have come to give you life.”

Jesus is quoted in John’s Gospel saying, “A thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance.” 1 Other translations use the term life and life to the full. This course came out of a conversation about Christians feeling like their life is full of struggle, pain, fear, and fatigue. There seems to be a perceptual cycle of struggles and false thinking that too many Christians are held back from experiencing the abundant life Jesus had promised. We want to see people find hope again.

This life is about relationship with Jesus and with others.

The Hope Study is designed to be done in relationship with others. This is why we won’t sell it in pairs and groups. Find friends that love Jesus and love you in that order and find hope together.

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We want to help you build healthy relationships and keep them. We provide products and resources to help you do just that. Hope is found in relationship.

8-Week Study to be done in relationship.

Jesus designed this life to be done with people. Community helps us see things we are missing, carry burdens that are getting too heavy, and process truths in this life. The group conversation will help solidify what you are learning from Jesus as you share and listen to others.

5 Daily Personal Studies
1 Weekly Group Conversation

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